Top 4 TV Shows of 2013

I’m going to admit, I’m not an avid tv show watcher but I do put a lot of effort and time into watching and fangirling over a small selection of TV shows. These top 4 TV shows happen to be the only four I watch (apart from Game of Thrones which I could only get through a season of). I love them all to bits!

1. Supernatural: I have been watching this show for the longest out of all four shows! Over a period of 1-2 months and a lot of popcorn, I was able to catch up on 8 seasons of this show at the beginning of 2013. I do admit, the first season had me scared sh*tless because I was never much of a horror movie / TV show watcher. However, pushing through, I became a little bit braver and Supernatural got a lot better too. Season 9 has the best storyline and the characters and acting is just off the charts!

2. Reign: Since this historical fantasy show is quite new, I was able to catch up on it within a day. And oh golly, it’s like crack-cocaine (I don’t do drugs don’t worry haha) . Although there is a love triangle that I really wish didn’t exist, the sexual intrigue and romance in this show is just so addicting! The mid-season finale for season 1 though *cries* Get ready to get addicted y’all.

3. Hannibal: If you’re into a lot of psychological distress, human guts and just really messed up things, you should watch Hannibal! The TV series is based off a book series by Thomas Harris and one of its main characters, Hannibal Lecter. There is cannibalism in this TV series, so do be warned, but once you get pass that, this show is just a web of intricate puzzles and mind games.

4. Arrow: This is also a fairly new TV series based on a DC comic superhero, the Green Arrow. There are multiple other DC comic superheroes that are introduced in this series such as Roy Harper (Red Arrow), Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) and Barry Allen (Flash). If you like a regular flash of very sexy abs, action and lots of intense scenes, Arrow is a great show. Pretty much everyone on this show is attractive which is a nice feature as well 😉


4 thoughts on “Top 4 TV Shows of 2013

  1. Great shows! Arrow is totally one of my new favorite shows as well. 🙂 I love the layers in the plot. 🙂


  2. I’m still a Supernatural follower but for me, I think it stopped being amazing after season 4. I’m falling behind on the latest season unfortunately. 😦

    Ahhh Reign! Even though it’s so historically inaccurate I can’t help but watch it too! I love the intriguing plot and the pretty dresses 😀

    • I agree in a way. I think the show doesn’t have the “horror” element to it anymore. Either that, or I’ve toughened up haha

      And Reign! Yeah I’ve noticed that it is historically inaccurate so we can’t even be sure Mary and Francis will work out. Which team do you ship? :O

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