Starting a Booktube Channel?

Hey guys!

This post is in relation to a Youtube video I posted recently that is also called “Starting a Booktube Channel” (x) in which I provide 4 very basic tips to help you get along when you’ve just started a booktube channel.

These are tips that I used myself and have helped me to maintain my channel well. There are obviously multiple other tips out there which I have not mentioned in this video/blog post and I am not saying these tips are the “correct” ones that you have to use.


  1. Socialise! – Once you start up a channel, it’s always helpful to have one other social media platform that you can use to talk to other booktubers. The common one is Twitter. So make sure to follow your favourite channels on Twitter if they have one, not just for updates, but so you can chat to them too. By interacting with others, you not only make friends but increase the chances of people noticing your channel. Now, I’m not saying you should be “using” people in the hopes that they’ll subscribe to your channel. I’m just saying that maybe in the process, they’ll check your channel out. Also, chatting with them will help you get up to date with how the booktube community works, popular tags or books that are floating around etc.
  2. Be informative yet entertaining – I’m not saying you have to crack a joke every two sentences. Just make sure you’re not too stiff and awkward. Obviously your first few videos may be awkward (so were mine!) but just try your best to be yourself in front of the camera. You don’t need to do anything extra. Just make sure to also be informative about things and books when necessary e.g. doing a book review, recommending books.
  3. Post regularly but not too regularly – Are you going to be more excited seeing a new video from a channel that posts everyday or from a channel that posts around once a week? (Well, I’d pick the latter but it’s your say) Make sure to have a steady flow of content ready once you start your channel but a video every day or two days isn’t necessary. Give your subscribers time to process your videos.
  4. Be friendly! – Make sure to just be yourself and if you don’t like a book, don’t go hating on the author. It isn’t fair on them and won’t reflect well on you. Hating on authors (and people too) is a no-no.

Hope these tips have helped and have a nice day!



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