Weekend Reads and Thoughts #2


Uninvited (#1 Uninvited)
by Sophie Jordan

Progress: Disc 4 of Disc 8

Thoughts so far: So far, I’m surprised as to how easy audio books are to listen to. You would think that you don’t absorb anything as you listen to it whilst browsing the internet but you do, which is awesome!

In terms of my thoughts on the book itself, I think it’s okay so far. I don’t find anything about the book particularly amazing. Also, I don’t really like any of the characters except perhaps Mitchell (Davy’s brother) and Sean. I find that interesting since they’re the two characters in the book that are meant to come across as more rebellious and dangerous.

Davy, the main character, isn’t always annoying but sometimes, she can do some pretty stupid things. For example, when she doesn’t remove the gauze off her neck. WHY DAVY WHY. I understand that with the environment she’s been brought up in, being diagnosed with HTS is the worst thing ever. But there are some bits where she is just so unnecessarily whiny.

And (#rantbegins) TORI, Davy’s ex-best friend is just. I can’t- It’s even worse because I actually hear her “voice” out loud (audio book) and hearing her say all these exaggerated, annoying, jealous words is just, like…Can I just punch her? If the author’s goal is to make Tori the most irritating person ever, she has succeeded marvellously. (#rantfinished)

Moving on, when I read the plot synopsis for this book, I was really excited to see what the book would bring and how it would discuss things such as the effect of continually telling someone that they’re something that they’re not. For example, continually telling Davy that she is extremely dangerous, when she clearly isn’t. However, disappointingly, I don’t feel as though they’ve delved that far into it. Perhaps I’m not far enough into the book but overall, I’m still waiting for something exciting to happen in the book.


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