Top 4 TV shows (v. 2016)

If there’s one thing that can parallel (almost) my intense obsession and attachment with books, it’s TV shows. I’ve started plenty of new TV shows this year and here I recommend them to you!

I enjoy Thriller/Sci-Fi shows, so if you’re not into that, perhaps these shows might not be for you. However, I’m also extremely confident in my exceptional taste in TV shows (and being humble about it) and I’m sure that any human can find enjoyment in at least one of these shows.


This show is non-stop drama and action and I am totally hooked. Though the production quality could do with some work, something about the storyline draws me in just as the books did a few years ago. Plus, an exceptionally attractive cast doesn’t hurt the eyes…


5.pngBates Motel

This show is a prequel for the classic film by Hitchcock, Psycho, set in modern times. If you love a little bit of psychological instability, exceptional acting and just an overall, unnerving show, this is perfect. Plus there’s only 4 seasons out at the moment and it’s almost too easy to marathon it all in a few days.



Stranger Things

I wanted to put on this top but it doesn’t have to be #1 because this show is already crazy popular. This is definitely one of the best shows I’ve watched in a while. The cast, plot and soundtrack are all amazing and pay a respectful homage to retro films.


5.pngSense 8

This show is genius. It started off slow but you do come to realise that this pace is needed to build up the complexity of the relationships, which is the foundation of the show. It’s about 8 people from all over the world who find out that their souls and minds are all linked and must find a way to survive being hunted…

Hope you guys find some enjoyment in these shows! They’re all super good. If you want something intense and more teen orientated, go for Shadowhunters. If you want something to make you uncomfortable yet intrigued at the same time, go for Bates Motel. Stranger Things…everyone should just give a try. And Sense 8 is perfect for those who love to watch relationships develop and enjoy a bit of sci-fi and awesome action sequences.



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